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Wholesale Sequin Exclusives

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Two Piece Formal Blouse and Skirt Set item #0013

Threefold Flowered Hand Beaded and Sequined Cocktail Dress item #7511

Round Neck Half Sleeves 2-Piece Blouse and Skirt Set item #1019n

Full Length V-Neck Evening Gown item #7421l

Flowery Fireworks Hand Beaded Short Dress item #7104

Covered in Flowers Hand Beaded Formal Dress item #9086

Thin Spaghetti Strapped Hand Beaded/Sequined Long Dress item #7514

Short Sequined Dress with Hanging Beads item #9805

Round neck Full length Sequined Formal Gown item #2964w

Long Beaded Jacket with Multi-colored Sequined Pattern item #2217

Flying Hearts Hand Beaded/Sequined Dress item #7262

Dropping Vines Hand Beaded Long Formal Dress item #7557

Deep Rain Hand Beaded Short Dress item #2126

Daisy Formal Beaded Full Sleeves Gown item #104

Sunflower Hand Beaded Medium Length Dress item #2594

Sequined Short Formal dress with Keyhole back item #2511

Night Sheels Hand Beaded Short Dress item #2397

Half Sleeves Sequined Long Formal Gown with Front Slit item #2420

Galaxy Hand Beaded Formal Dress item #7274

Sparkling Night Hand Sequined Blouse item #4377


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