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Embellished Roses Hand Beaded Top item #kc76

Diamond Design Blouse item #4425

Broad Strapped Sequin Beaded Blouse item #4358

Beaded Formal Blouse item #4353

Asymmetric Beaded Blouse item #4355

V-neck Checkered Sequin Beaded Jacket item #3079

Tinkling Asymmetric Beaded Top item #Kd65

Short Sleeved Net Top with Silver Petal Sequins item #1255

Short Sleeved Hand Beaded Blouse item #4361

Short Sleeved Floral Beaded Blouse item #4356

Round Shaped Beaded Design Jacket item #3251

Long Formal Hand Beaded Jacket item #KD32

Halter Neck Sequined Top with Round Beadwork Patch item #kd63

Embellished Spaghetti Long Top item #kd79

Circles Beaded Pattern Sequined Jacket item #3580

Celestial Hand Beaded/Sequin Blouse item #4434

Asymmetric Spaghetti Net Top with Mocha or Silver Beading item #kc59

Artistic Beading Round Neck Half Sleeves Blouse item #4385

V-neck Short Sheer blouse with Sleeves item #4757

V-cut Spaghetti Strapped Dazzling Top item #kc60


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